Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Despite the fact that several episodes in to Puffy's latest ego fest of a reality show that really has very little to do with him, there are once again twenty hopeful young men, I can't stop watching. Not surprisingly, the greatest hits of Boyz II Men (and the occasional Stevie Wonder tune) provide a touching backdrop to the rarely portrayed world of male bonding. This week's episode featured two goose bump-inducing twenty-young-men-strong renditions of "End of the Road". I doubt I will ever tire of a group of talented, grateful, young men on the verge of either tears or rage coming together, from varying backgrounds, ages and regions, to sing the hell out of a song. It's a surprisingly moving program, and I keep falling for the success of more of the aspiring singers. I'm still on Team Dan (and Team Donnie - seriously, this guy is meant for boy band fame), but Team Carlos is creeping up on me, and surprisingly, Team Michael.

If you haven't seen Making the Band 4 yet, and you enjoy the music of Boyz II Men, watch it. It's surprisingly touching and a little too nerve-inducing. Granted, Diddy did a great job with Danity Kane, and he doesn't by into the one-elimination-per-week model. So far, so good. When you're a fan of the show, and you develop more feelings for more contestants week after week, it's an emotional roller coaster to never know how many you'll lose within the hour. Thankfully, MTV replays this program incessantly, so their Boyz II Men renditions will live on.

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