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ode to david axelrod

Where low-brow meets high-brow, hilarity ensues. "He is the guy who has the most to do with getting Obama elected. He's a brilliant strategist, the least annoying campaign spin-meister and anyone who is ready, willing and eager to role out a 50-state strategy to see where Obama's message will work the best isn't just going to stick to the obvious erogenous zones in the sack." - Jezebel on David Axelrod The full top ten Objects of Their Affection is worth a read too, but that one made me laugh out loud in the quiet library.

adver-nonsense: dooney & bourke

Look, I really like Hayden Panettiere . I know how to spell her name without looking it up. I've seen Ice Princesses , Racing Stripes , and Bring It On: All or Nothing . I think she's lovely, and I believe she has the acting chops to make Hollywood a lifetime ambition. Perhaps in twenty years, this Dooney & Bourke ad would be not strike me as so hilarious: Seriously, Hayden is 19 years old. What 19 year old would carry this bag? And why, oh, why did I discover this ad in Teen Vogue ? Redbook readers would love this bag. I'm on the higher end of Teen Vogue readers age, and I'm still too young for this bag. I would believe Felicity Huffman in this ad, but not my dear, sweet Hayden. On second thought, at least Hayden looks alive with the tan bag. Although this bag is (slightly) better in this ad, the pose freaks me out: Stick to shilling for Candie's, Hayden.

book review: the story of edgar sawtelle by david wroblewski

sentence(s) worth remembering: "Life was a swarm of accidents waiting in the treetops, descending upon any living thing that passed, ready to eat them alive. You swam in a river of chance and coincidence. You clung to the happiest accidents--the rest you let float by" (p. 457). I didn't expect to love this book, even though everywhere I turned, publications were raving. It's nearly 600 pages, and it's about dogs and a mute boy. As all great novels are not truly about the characters or the plot, so too this book is a timeless tale of life and humanity. Each time I sat down to read it, I would not be able to tear myself away. Hours would pass while I read, enraptured by Wroblewski's prose. Wroblewski reportedly spent ten years on this book, and after reading each perfect moment as they fit into one another, I'm amazed it only took ten years. I will try to patiently wait ten more for his next novel. Additionally, he seems to be an amazing human bei