Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Salon: Oh, hello there!

Hi! This post is an "I know I haven't blogged in awhile" update post.

Hawthorne is 18 months old!

While I haven't been blogging, Hawthorne turned 1 and a half. Life is fun right now. He's so smart and adventurous, and he loves to feel like he's helping. It's a delight to see his sense of accomplishment at small tasks, like when I ask him to get the almond milk out of the refrigerator in the morning while I make my americano. I've gotten really into Snapchat (you can find me there as nomadreader, obviously), and this video gives you a sense of what our mornings and evenings are like. We read a lot of books (his new favorite.) We build a lot of farms and towns and take them down and rebuild them. He plays in his kitchen. I have come to prefer Snapchat to Instagram because life moves quickly, and Snapchat seems to be the perfect way to capture the life of a high energy toddler. Sorry, Instagram--you were so perfect before he was mobile. The biggest change in his life has been bedtime. He now goes to bed at 8 p.m., which means I have two hours after that to myself. The difference between 6:30 and 8 feels like a lot some days. I love having more time with Hawthorne, but I admit, I miss having as much time for some other things.


I'm reading, but most nights, by the time Hawthorne goes to bed, I'm ready for a glass of wine or two and a little tv. I have been having better luck with audiobooks lately. So I read in spurts on the weekends and some during the week. I've been reading some in preparation for the Tournament of Books, and I hope to finish the last two National Book Critics Circle fiction finalists. I'm hoping the announcement of the Baileys Prize longlist on March 8th will help jump start my reading again.


After Hawthorne goes to bed, I've been enjoying old favorites like Law & Order: SVU, Top Chef and Grey's Anatomy. I'm also really enjoying Shades of Blue (much to my surprise!) and American Crime, which I never got around to watching last season. It's an anthology show, so it uses a lot of the same actors each season, but they play different roles and tell a very different story. It's really good.

To Review or Not to Review

I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I will not go back and catch up on reviewing all the books I've read. For some, a one sentence review on GoodReads will suffice. Others I do want to write about, so I hope to start reviewing books closer to when I finish them and fill in the gaps with reviews from titles I've read this year.

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