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Sunday Salon: Oh, hello there!

Hi! This post is an "I know I haven't blogged in awhile" update post. Hawthorne is 18 months old! While I haven't been blogging, Hawthorne turned 1 and a half. Life is fun right now. He's so smart and adventurous, and he loves to feel like he's helping. It's a delight to see his sense of accomplishment at small tasks, like when I ask him to get the almond milk out of the refrigerator in the morning while I make my americano. I've gotten really into Snapchat (you can find me there as nomadreader, obviously), and this video gives you a sense of what our mornings and evenings are like. We read a lot of books ( his new favorite .) We build a lot of  farms  and  towns  and take them down and rebuild them. He plays in  his kitchen . I have come to prefer Snapchat to Instagram because life moves quickly, and Snapchat seems to be the perfect way to capture the life of a high energy toddler. Sorry, Instagram--you were so perfect before he was mobile. The