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Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Jami Attenberg!

Two of my favorite things about having a blog, even one I don't post to nearly often enough lately, are: 1. Having a record of my thoughts on books for the last (almost) 13 years. 2. Making all the rules These two favorite things converge in My Hall of Fame . There are two ways to get into My Hall of Fame. First, write a book I love so much that it defies my rating scale and earns 6 stars out of 5. Second, write (at least) two books I rate 5 stars. (Because I make the rules, authors can be in the Hall of Fame for both reasons.) Today, I'm thrilled to induct Jami Attenberg into My Hall of Fame! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of reading her latest novel, All This Could Be Yours , in a single day. The novel itself takes place in a single day, so it was fitting to spend a day with this dysfunctional family and Jami's gorgeous writing. All This Could Be Yours  is the second Jami Attenberg book I've rated 5 stars. The first was All Grown Up , which was one of my favori