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Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Jami Attenberg!

Two of my favorite things about having a blog, even one I don't post to nearly often enough lately, are:

1. Having a record of my thoughts on books for the last (almost) 13 years.

2. Making all the rules

These two favorite things converge in My Hall of Fame. There are two ways to get into My Hall of Fame. First, write a book I love so much that it defies my rating scale and earns 6 stars out of 5. Second, write (at least) two books I rate 5 stars. (Because I make the rules, authors can be in the Hall of Fame for both reasons.)

Today, I'm thrilled to induct Jami Attenberg into My Hall of Fame! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of reading her latest novel, All This Could Be Yours, in a single day. The novel itself takes place in a single day, so it was fitting to spend a day with this dysfunctional family and Jami's gorgeous writing. All This Could Be Yours is the second Jami Attenberg book I've rated 5 stars. The first was All Grown Up, which was one of my favorite reads of…