Wednesday, July 16, 2008

emmy wishes and predictions

It's the eve of Emmy announcements. This year we've already been treated to the top ten lists, which makes predicting the actual nominees that much easier. Here are my predictions for the best series categories, including my cynicism when I imagine I will disagree with Emmy voters.

I wish for Best drama:
Mad Men (it's hip)
Dexter (amazing)
The Wire (it's due)
Damages (it's best show on tv, but I'm still hesitant because the Emmy process involves a single episode, and one cannot appreciate the sheer brilliance of the final three episodes without the first ten)
The Tudors

I predict for Best drama:
Mad Men (it's hip)
House (I'm cynical)
Boston Legal (it always manages one good episode to submit)
Lost (as a reward for getting good again)
The Tudors

I wish for Best comedy:
30 Rock (funniest show on tv)
Weeds (one of the five best shows on tv)
The Office
Pushing Daisies (I'm still unclear why this show is a comedy, but it's original and entertaining)
Flight of the Conchords (I'm not actually a fan, but it's original)

I predict for Best comedy:
30 Rock
The Office (it's what other people think is the funniest show on tv)
Two and a Half Men (I'm cynical)
Weeds (I'm hopeful)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (Emmy voters' Larry David lovefest)

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