Saturday, December 27, 2008

book review: here's the story by maureen mccormick

I love The Brady Bunch. I grew up rushing home to catch the reruns on TBS every afternoon. I own the shag carpet covered box set of all dvds. Naturally, I was excited to read Maureen McCormick's memoir.

McCormick is not a great writer, but she does write candidly and honestly. Because I found the subject matter interesting, I was able to overlook her often awkward prose. The Brady Bunch was only the focus of part of the book, as I'm sure it was only the focus of part of her life, even though she remains Marcia Brady to most Americans. I most enjoyed her tales of Hollywood life and working with other famous people I had no idea she had interaction with. I adore learning about the interconnectedness of people, and this book provided many gems.

If you're a fan of The Brady Bunch or Hollywood memoirs, it's worth a read. Otherwise, it's not sensational enough or well-written enough to bother.

Rating: 2 stars (liked it)

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