Tuesday, February 24, 2009

book review: lethal legacy by linda fairstein

Lethal Legacy is the eleventh Alexandra Cooper mystery. The story opens in a unique way: with a live victim of sexual assault hesitant to complain, press charges or undergo an examination. It was certainly an interesting departure, and it sets up this crazy cast of characters wonderfully.

The rest of the story focuses on the New York Public Library, specifically its map and rare book collections and the greedy shenanigans of those rich enough to collect the world's most rare and valuable items.

Linda Fairstein is a master at combining intellectual knowledge, a compelling cast of characters and a riveting mystery. Lethal Legacy had the most intelligent backstory yet. I'm far from an expert on rare maps, but after reading this book, I could charm a collector at a cocktail party and surprise most people at trivia. The good news is Lethal Legacy is Fairstein's best mystery yet. The bad news is there won't be another one for at least a year.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars (really loved it)

Challenges: 100+ Reading Challenge, Support Your Local Library, 2009 Pub Challenge

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