Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday: My Wife's Affair by Nancy Woodruff

Jill at Breaking the Spine hosts Waiting on Wednesday, which encourages you to highlight a not-yet-released book you cannot wait to read. My pick this week is My Wife's Affair by Nancy Woodruff.
My Wife's Affair 
I first read about  My Wife's Affair in Publisher's Weekly. I tend to read only the first and last sentence of their reviews because I don't like to know too much. Here's the first sentence:
"Woodruff (Someone Else's Child) leaves not a dry eye in the house in this gripping ode to theater and the love it can command--and crush."
And the last:
"It's brutal and lovely."
Sold. The gorgeous cover seems to complement the review perfectly.

My Wife's Affair is also from the fabulous Amy Einhorn imprint. Beth Fish Reads is hosting a perpetual Amy Einhorn reading challenge to read every book this imprint publishes.

My Wife's Affair will be published April 15, 2010. You can preorder it in hardcover or Kindle format from Can't wait? Try Ms. Woodruff's first novel, Someone Else's Child.


  1. It looks beautiful, I have no clue what's it about but the cover is so amazing! :)

  2. Never heard of this,looks interesting though. Here's Mine

  3. I love "brutal and lovely," so I'm intrigued. I also love the cover. I'm a sucker for crimson, though.

  4. This is very intriguing! It looks tragic and beautiful. My WOW is at The Crowded Leaf.

  5. I agree that this one looks great --

  6. I want to read this one as well. I think it fulfills a challenge requirement for me.

  7. Brutal and lovely - very tempting. And I agree that the cover is gorgeous! I'd like to pick this one up too.

  8. My Wifes Affair sounds interesting - first time I seen this book.

  9. Oh yeah - this one looks great! And what a lovely cover!


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