Thursday, July 8, 2010

heat wave!

I've been absent this week. I still haven't written my ALA recap. I've been reading but not reviewing. I have a good reason. Albany (and the rest of the northeast) is in the midst of a heat wave. It's ugly. Our usual high temperature has been our low temperature. We're breaking records that have stood for years. Yes, it's July, but we are a city without air conditioning in homes. 98 is too much. To be honest, I detest the heat and 80 is too much for me, but I could handle 80 right now. My reprieve? The best $18 ever spent (and it wasn't even my $18.)
It doesn't look like much, but it's 8-feet wide and 18-inches high. It's perfect. It sits in the shade, so even now, several days into the heat wave, the water is cool. It's so cool it takes me, who loves the cold, several minutes to get inside the pool. Once I'm there, it looks like this:

You'll have to forgive me from my absence from the blog and Twitter. While I won't take my Kindle or library books in the pool, I do take my ARCs, so my pile of review copies is actually shrinking and soon, when the temperature drops below 90 (or perhaps 80), there will be reviews again. Until then, stay cool!


  1. What a good idea! I'm gonna look for one of these at wal-mart today b/c it's wayyy too hot outside. I've been avoiding blogging for the exact same reason. I don't want to be near the hot computer.

  2. I love reading in the paddling pool too! Unfortunately it isn't hot enough here for many days of the year, but on the few it is I make quite a lot of books crinkly!!

  3. If I could fit that pool on my patio I would SOOO do it. Enjoy your ARC reading.

  4. Aww, it's such a cute widdle pool. ;-)

    You'll hate me when I say we're having a cold's foggy and I have the heater on.

    Sorry...I'll go away now and cross my fingers that your heat wave goes away, too.


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