Friday, November 30, 2012

The Backlist Book Club: November 2012 discussion

Welcome to the discussion of The Giant's House by Elizabeth McCracken! Need a refresher? Check out my review of The Giant's House.

1. I had misgivings about this novel having the subtitle "a romance" given the age difference between the characters. By the end, I was won over, but it's still far from a traditional romance. What elements of romance are present? What elements of romance are lacking?

2. As a librarian, I'm immensely curious: what were you reactions to the details of librarianship? Were you as fascinated as I was?

3. Let's talk about Peggy. While I adored her often irreverent and always honest look at herself and the world, she's not a traditionally likeable character. What did you think of Peggy?

4. What surprised you in this novel? 

5. To whom would you recommend this title?

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Don't forget: check back tomorrow morning to see what I've picked for December 2012! 
(hints: it was originally published the year I was born and is the first in a series.)

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  1. Your November choice at least made me locate my copy of this "unread" book; glad u liked it, I'm now inspired to get to it sooner. Can't wait to see your Dec pick.

    1. Diane, I think as a librarian you would really like this one!

  2. I'm still reading this but I'll probably be finished by the end of the day.

    2. I love the details about the library and being a librarian! It really is a profession in which you give and give. The passage about being a public servant and having so much wrong with the library and trying to get things fixed, reminded me how much librarians keep libraries going.

    3. I'm really liking Peggy. She's very honest (so far) about herself and her loneliness. I can't help but believe this awkward person.

    4. What's surprising me is how well-written this book feels. It feels like a classic, like a book that's been out much longer than it really has. Did it read that way to you?

    5. This book is reminding me of Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping, so I think anyone who loved that book would enjoy this one.

    1. Vasilly, I'm so glad you found time to read this one!

      2. As an academic librarian, I feel so far removed from so much of what Peggy had to deal with in a public library. It was inspiring.

      3. I adored Peggy too! She was quite honest about her strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, she didn't try to be someone she's not.

      4. Yes--I think it captured the era of the 1950's so well. It easily could have been written then. I thought it was beautifully done.

      5. Interesting! I didn't love Gilead, the only Robinson I've read, but I'm curious about Housekeeping. Thanks!

      Hope you keep enjoying it:-)


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