The Backlist Book Club: The Clan of the Cave Bear discussion

Welcome to The Backlist Book Club discussion of The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel. Need a refresher? Check out my review of The Clan of the Cave Bear.

1. Typically, I'm not turned off by unlikable characters, but in The Clan of the Cave Bear, I was. Broud was too unlikable and no one else was likable enough to compensate. Which characters did you find to be likable and unlikable?

2. Even though I didn't like the book, the setting captivated and fascinated me. Much of the novel seemed hyper-realistic, but at times the Clan's traditions veered into science fiction. Overall, did you find the novel believable?

3. I think one of the reasons I didn't connect with Ayla was her age. When the novel began, she was a child, and I struggled to identify with her frustrations. What did you think of Ayla as she aged? Did your impressions of her change?

4. What surprised you in this novel?

5. To whom would you recommend this title?

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