Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Salon: Live from ALA!

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Hello from beautiful, sunny Chicago! Remember last week when I told you I would have all sorts of reviews for you and then none of them materialized? Sorry about that. This week got away from me quickly, and I have learned my lesson: don't promise reviews until they've actually been written and scheduled. That being said, look for some of those this week!

What I'm reading: Now and Next
I put down Life After Life because I didn't think my mind was in the right frame of mind to be reading it, and I have a string of review commitments coming up. I'll pick it up again later this summer. I switched courses dramatically to the newest Dan Brown novel, Inferno. It's as you would expect, but it's perfect for the short bursts of reading I get on vacation. I'm also enjoying a new audio book, Orange is the New Black, by Piper Kerman. The tv series begins July 11 on Netflix, and I've been meaning to read it for years, so now seemed like the perfect time. One of my favorite audiobook narrators, Cassandra Campbell, reads it, which makes it particularly engaging. Next up: Loteria by Mario Alberto Zambrano, which I'll be reading on the airplane tomorrow and reviewing Wednesday.

What I'm watching: tv and film
Since I've been away, Mr. Nomadreader and I haven't been able to watch any Arrested Development. We did manage to sneak in Skyfall before I left, even though I fell asleep the first time we watched it and had to finish it a few days later (note: review coming, but my sleep was not due to the movie being boring. I was TIRED.) I've squeezed in a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy, and I'm in the middle of season six. I'm enjoying this season immensely and think they're smartly introducing characters and really having interesting stories.

What I did last night
Last night I had the privilege of going on a complimentary architectural boat tour of Chicago WITH AN OPEN BAR. And there was seriously delicious food. The weather made it pure heaven for me too: mid-60's. It was by far the best vendor event I've attended at any conference ever. And I took about a a gazillion pictures. If I have any complaint, it was that the boat moved too quickly, but our tour guide, an architecture graduate student, spoke as quickly as possible and shared an impressive amount of knowledge.

The Backlist Book Club
With just over an hour left in voting (voting closes at noon Central time today!), Affinity is still winning. If you're reading this before noon, you can squeeze in a last minute vote. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

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  1. I need to finish reading Affinity so I voted for it! My book club picked Life After Life for our July book, so I need to get on it. But I may wait until I'm done with Owen Meany for the Estella Society readalong.

    You have some great stuff coming up! Looking forward to your thoughts on them, Carrie!

  2. This: "(M)y sleep was not due to the movie being boring. I was TIRED." I cannot tell you how many times I've dozed off during totally not-boring movies for the very same reason :-). I loved SKYFALL--I'll look forward to your review!

    1. We have a bad habit of waiting until dark to start a movie, and this time of year, that all-too-often leads to me falling asleep during it.

  3. A boat tour with an open bar? Heaven.

  4. That boat tour sounds amazing! Glad that you're having fun in Chicago!

  5. An architectural boat tour is one of the best activities for tourists. I always recommend it to visitors. I've been on it myself a few times but only once with an open bar... and that one was the best!

    1. Open bars make great things even greater!


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