Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Salon: Four Months!

The nomadbaby turned four months old yesterday. Four months! All three of us are very excited by this development, even if the littlest one less understands the milestone than that he can do so many more things than he could at three months. And that everything around him is Just. So. Exciting. The near constant delight he expresses is awesome to watch. His more and more epic meltdowns as he fights sleep to keep experiencing things are less awesome, but he is still a baby after all. Even if he thinks he can stand up tall:

The Holidays
We are gearing up for a low-key Christmas in town. I have one more week of work, then two relaxing weeks off. If only Mr. Nomadreader worked in academia too--that would be glorious! Hawthorne and I are flying to Atlanta to celebrate the New Year. If you have tips for traveling (alone) with four-and-a-half-month olds, especially those who only drink from bottles, please share. I am immensely grateful for best friends with tons of airline miles, a first class seat, and a direct flight. We have a fantastic set-up for his first two flights.


I'm making some progress with my 2014 Book Bucket List, having finished two of the five titles. Even though I've read more books this year than any other year for which I've kept track (and I'm fairly certain any year of adulthood period), this time of year makes me feel like I'm not reading enough. Despite reading a lot of books this year, the barrage of year end lists and reflections on years in reading have me frantically adding things to my TBR, moving up books that were already one my TBR, and generally wishing I could be a full-time reader. I'm only a few pages into Euphoria by Lily King, but Hawthorne's naps permitting, I hope to spend some time with it today.

Somehow I've accumulated eight un-reviewed books, so I'll likely be posting a book review each weekday so I can begin 2015 with a clean slate.

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  1. EEEEE, so cute!!! Mine turned one month on Friday. He's just started smiling at me which is amazing (and lovely, because he's been having a rough jag, and the smiles make me less teary!). Good luck with the trip -- I hope it's uneventful. I sadly have no tips.

    I'm so pleased because I read my first non-parenting book last week while nursing -- Megan Mayhew Bergman's Almost Famous Women -- and it was great. I'm on fire to finish another book -- and I too have a backlog of unreviewed books -- here's hoping I can write them soon. (One is from March!)

  2. Congratulations! When Giles got to 4 months, time really started to fly and now he is almost 6 months - what happened to our little newborns?
    I love the picture of Hawthorne trying to stand, and although fighting sleep isn't fun for you, it's great that he is discovering the world :)

  3. He always looks like a little man to me! So cute. My son did too. Hair combed over and all that. Now he has the craziest hair though. So weird.

    My reading. Where has it gone?


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