Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Best of Instagram: #BooksandBooze and #HairByHawthorne

I adore Instagram. I follow a mix of my Facebook friends (people I know or once knew) and those I follow on Twitter (mostly bookish folks from around the world and locals.) My feed is filled with babies, books, and travel, which are three of my favorite things. I post more photos of Hawthorne on Instagram than anywhere else. He has two of his own hashtags: #nomadbaby (sometimes others try to post with it) and #HairByHawthorne, which is dedicated to the times he styles his own hair comically:

But my favorite hashtag not related to Hawthorne is a brilliant Book Riot invention: #BooksandBooze. I am a reader and a drinker, and this hashtag makes me so happy because I am clearly not the only one. Mr. Nomadreader and I work opposite schedules, and the nights he's at work until after I'm asleep are my #BooksandBooze nights. Here are some recent favorites:

You can catch all of my posts related to books, booze, Hawthorne, and other things by following me on Instagram.

Now tell me: what are your favorite hashtags and users on Instagram?

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  1. I followed! I particularly like the #booksandbooze hastag, but Hawthorne is quite adorable too! I have pics of kids sports, and other very assorted things. No real theme on my instagram.


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