Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The "Darling, but..." Book Club Is Back

Two years ago, I convinced my spouse to create a book club with me. I read more than he does, but he loves to read. I love discussing pretty much anything with him, and I am forever recommending books to him. We fizzled our pretty quickly, at least partially because Hawthorne wasn't even one yet, and finding a routine to anything was hard. Last week, Mr. Nomadreader suggested we start our book club back again in August. Of course, I agreed.

Our book club is pretty fun, but we do have a few rules. Each month, we each pick one book, and we both read both books. 1. We're not allowed to pick books we've read before (I am not the creator of this rule, but it is a good one because it's terrible to hand a book to your favorite person and say, "I loved this book. I know you will love it too!" And then they don't. I also have so many books I want to make him read.) 2. No one may pick Infinite Jest or a similarly long book.

Here's what we picked for August:

Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips (my pick)
On Such a Full Sea by Chang-rae Lee (Mr. Nomadreader's pick)

I'm really excited for both picks. Fierce Kingdom is getting rave reviews, and I've been meaning to read On Such a Full Sea since it came out. The only question left is: which one do I read first?

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