Monday, June 18, 2018

Oh, hi!

Dear readers,

Hi, there.

I haven't been around much this year. Remember how I managed to blog so much in January that I wrote more posts than I wrote in all of 2017? That was awesome. Then I got home from Thailand and blogging fell apart again. Reading fell apart for awhile too. I've been seeing a lot of movies, and that's fun too.

But I miss this space. I miss writing. I miss the comments and conversations. I miss the accountability to write about what I'm reading (and watching, doing, eating, and seeing.) I've been thinking about how to find my way back to regularly writing and posting, and today I decided just to jump in and do it honestly.

Tomorrow, I'm back with an awesome giveaway for y'all.

Thanks for still being here,


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  1. Life, it goes along at its own pace and often blogging and commenting take a backseat. That's why we don't get paid for it. LOL.


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