Thursday, January 2, 2020

2020 Reading Resolutions & Goals

Last year I made ridiculously lofty goals and resolutions. And I failed. But who cares? I read more than I did the year before. Sometimes setting hard goals you may or may not meet is still a good thing. For this year, however, I want to keep it simpler.

Here are my reading goals and resolutions for 2020:

1. Read 104 books. 104 isn't a magic number. That's two books a week, which should be doable. It's a realistic goal that shouldn't challenge me, but it's also a goal I haven't hit for a few years.

2. Complete the Around the Year in 52 Books challenge (and try to stay in order.) Of all the reading challenges I attempted last year, Around the Year was the only one I stuck with until the end. I also love that we suggest and vote on prompts, so I had a hand in helping pick many of them. For me, it's the right amount of challenge. A lot of books I would normally read satisfy its parameters, but it also pushes me somewhat. And the social community on Litsy and Goodreads is fantastic.

3. Post some sort of review/quick thought about every book I read on Instagram, Litsy, Goodreads, and this space. This space might be the hardest. As I've moved my more immediate bookish content (pictures of what I'm reading) onto Litsy and Instagram, I've often abandoned this space. I'm not sure what it will look like in 2020, but I do want a better, more consistent record of my reading here.

Other than that, I want to read what I want to read. I continue to enjoy my Book of the Month subscription, Reese Witherspoon's book club picks, the Read with Jenna picks, and my prize list reading, but if those selections don't sound good to me? I have plenty of other books to read.

What are your reading goals, resolutions or priorities in 2020?

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