Thursday, March 29, 2007

top design

I actually liked Carissa's design more than Goil's. She did have a blue palette in her favor. Although the most entertaining part of the episode was Jonathan Adler's outfit. Perhaps he's taking all of the "what was she wearing?" talk about Kelly Wearstler week after week to heart and wants in on the action (any action). I loved Andrea's room, and I found Matt's design quite dull. Regardless, for some silly (and likely producer-desired) reason, Carissa is in the final three. Am I the only one who remains continually shocked that she's 26? That's not a compliment. Stop blaming your inadequacy on everyone around you; free Carl! Au revoir, (Gar)goil. May you live in Austin Scarlett infamy as the most talented designer to not make the top three, when one crazy, drama-ridden lady did instead.

P.S. I can't wait for Shear Genius!

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