Friday, June 8, 2007

the closer: a love affair

It is not a secret that I have become completely enamored with The Closer. It is one of the best written and best acted programs on television today. I am quickly making my way through the second season on dvd in preparation for the June 18th premiere of season three.

Blessedly, season two takes the strong characters carved out during the first season and takes them deeper. Frances Sternhagen as Brenda's mother is brilliant. Whoever cast her and wrote that two episode arc deserves a raise and an Emmy. The interplay of Sternhagen and the sublimely good Kyra Sedgwick (seriously, I didn't believe she had it in her until I started watching) managed to parallel their actions and words in a beautiful ode to the sometimes strained Southern mother and daughter relationship. I wasn't sure Sternhagen could outdo her rendition as Bunny on Sex and the City, but she is even better in this role. I hope she's back during season three.

If you haven't seen The Closer, get the dvds of the first two seasons. Start watching the reruns on TNT. There's a reason this little show on TNT wins Golden Globes. TNT chooses to only air it once a week, unlike most of the other cable channels who don't actually have to compete with scripted broadcast television when the utilize incessant reruns. It's good enough to go against any show on television. I am totally and completely in love with The Closer.

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