Friday, June 8, 2007

pirate master

I absolutely adore the concept of Pirate Master, and I'm thrilled for Christian Okoye to get another few moments in the spotlight, but after watching the first two episodes, I'm slightly bored. This program has all the right pieces of good reality television, but it falls flat. After two episodes, I still only know three of the pirates by name. I don't even know the name of the chesty blond who has her bathing suit top blurred out by the censors during most of the second episode.

The actual search for the pirate treasure is the weakest part of the program. From my limited understanding of the Survivor formula, it's quite similar. I find people traipsing around the wilderness quite dull, and it's most of the reason I've never managed to get into Survivor. Still, the power of captain and the possibility of mutiny should lead to intriguing strategy. Despite the weak attempts at mutiny so far (although the compass part was quite brilliant in the first episode), no one is really doing anything but playing it safe. I watch Big Brother religiously. That show has nothing going for it except constantly evolving strategy, which I find riveting. If the pirate wannabes could muster a little bit of strategy, the show could be saved. If everyone just keeps complaining and lying in wait, I won't be watching when the season concludes.

It was especially painful to see clips of Janelle in the Big Brother 8 ad during the program. Even just one Janelle, or Dr. Will or Danielle would get every pirate's mind churning and strategizing. When does Big Brother premiere?

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