Monday, June 16, 2008

movie review: kung fu panda

Perhaps I went in to Kung Fu Panda expecting more than I should have. Angelina Jolie and Jack Black together! Glowing reviews, including an A- from Entertainment Weekly's Owen Gleiberman, with whom I usually agree.

The fight scenes were enthralling to watch, but became a tad ubiquitous. I realize the name of the movie involved kung fu, but there was very little plot. Not much happened. It was family friendly action movie. Despite the beautiful animation and occasional funny moments, I often found my mind wandering to the larger themes and implications. Again, I understand it's a movie aimed at children, and one is not supposed to think too deeply. Glorified obesity not limiting mobility when it truly matters? No injuries from fighting? Who else is counting the days until the evening news has a story of a child hurt from trying to reenact a scene from Kung Fu Panda?

There were certainly some quotes from the film I'll be using for years to come, but it was a dull film. There were no surprises, nothing invented to distract along the logical direction of the film. At only an hour and a half, it seemed long. I wouldn't rush to the theater to see it, but it is definitely red box worthy. Ske-doosh.

Rating: 2 (liked it)

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