Saturday, June 7, 2008

sex and the city, rounds three and seven

I did not meet my goal of watching every episode of Sex and the City again before the movie came out. Reviews are mixed, but I adored the film. I saw it twice opening weekend, and I will likely see it a few more times over the summer.

I loved the movie so much, I'm continuing my quest and still finishing all the seasons. I think the series starts to hit its stride around the middle of the third season. When Charlotte pulled out a roll of 25 cent stamps to mail her wedding thank you notes, I realized how long ago season three was. For all the events that came after, Matthew McConaughey still managed to have the same concept for a Sex and the City movie. When Carrie went to L.A. to meet with producers, he had a brilliant idea for adapting Carrie's columns to a movie:

Why don't we flush out the central relationships: Carrie and Mr. Big. I don't see why they couldn't make it work.

There will be a sequel, and I will likely love it. The show made six seasons (94 episodes) and one film about, at least to some extent, Carrie and Mr. Big. Their story may never be over. Regardless, the four characters are at their best when they're not with their men. I would sit and watch those four be fabulous, funny and affectionate for years to come.

Sex and the City (the movie) - 3.5 stars
I loved the film, and whether it's actually great cinema is debatable. I laughed, and I cried. At the end of the film, I wanted to be a better person. It's cheesy I know, but in seriousness, I want to try harder to have friendships like theirs.

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