Tuesday, April 21, 2009

book review: wedding season by katie fforde

I am a huge fan of Katie Fforde, and I'm in the midst of planning a wedding, so I eagerly awaited my copy of Wedding Season to arrive from interlibrary loan. As usual, Katie did not disappoint.

Wedding Season followed three friends: Sarah, a wedding planner whose secretly pregnant sister and a major U.S. movie star have decided to get married on the same day with only a few months notice; Bron, a hairstylist in an unhappy relationship; and Elsa, a talented dressmaker. The three consider themselves friends and co-workers of sorts, as they often work the same weddings.

It was refreshing to have three main characters, and thus three romances going on. Katie Fforde writes consistently delightful modern, British romantic comedy of manners novels. Her heroines always manage to be easy to relate to, yet inspiring and independent. It was refreshing to see these three learn to rely on one another and a few other helpful hands along the way.

As a bride to be, I appreciated all of the laborious details of weddings. I find novels about wedding planning infinitely more helpful than the actual wedding planning books I've read thus far! Also, Katie Fforde is on twitter (@katiefforde), and she responds to reads, which is amazing.

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