Monday, April 13, 2009

on emily giffin: how early is too early?

I'm a huge fan of Emily Giffin; she's one of my favorite authors. I keep a list of my favorite authors called "Read Every Word". Each month, I search Books in Print to see if any of them have new novels scheduled. Imagine my surprise when I got an email from Macmillan, Emily Giffin's publisher, offering me the chance to read the first chapter of her new novel. New novel?! She does have a new novel, Heart of Matter, coming out, but it comes out in May 2010. It's April 2009. Books in Print doesn't have it listed yet.

Here's the hard part: do I read the chapter knowing I will have to wait a year to read the book? Is this marketing campaign even sensibly timed? The only semblance of logic I can imagine is that the paperback of Love the One You're With comes out next week.

I know I'll cave and read it (the pdf is already open), but I may regret it later. I'm reading it, and I'm hoping for an ARC to find its way into my mailbox sooner rather than later. If not, then it looks like I'll be rereading Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Babyproof, and Love the One You're With this summer. Yes, I would have done it anyway.

If you're interested in reading the first chapter, click the link here.

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