Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Salon: Reading moods

Good morning! I'm up early (for me) on a Sunday, and I'm looking forward to a day of reading on the porch before I have to go to work. I hope to finish both Helen Dunmore's divine novel The Siege and Alan Warner's delightful novel The Sopranos today. Both are precursors to Booker longlist novels, and then I'm jumping back in with both feet to meet my goal of finishing the longlist (9 more novels to go!) by September 7 (only 23 days away!).

1802 Beekman

Lyle Lovett
The highlight of my week was venturing to Cooperstown to see Lyle Lovett and His Large Band at the Ommegang Brewery. Lyle is one of my favorite singers, and I've never seen him live. Mr. Nomadreader and I stopped in Sharon Springs to have a delicious lunch at the Black Cat (I had the BLAST: Bacon, lettuce, avocado, swiss and tomato). Then, I couldn't resist stopping at 1802 Beekman, home of The Fabulous Beekman Boys. Brent was there, and we purchased a sampling of their goat milk soap. If you're ever near Sharon Springs, it's worth a stop. It also reminded me how much I'm looking forward to reading The Bucolic Plague once my Booker reading is over.

me in the rain 
It started pouring rain while we were in Sharon Springs, so when we got to Cooperstown, we decided to relax at Stagecoach, my favorite coffee shop there, and read. It was a wonderful relaxing afternoon, and we were eager to get to the brewery and see the concert. The concert itself was out in the field, and we came prepared with chairs with roofs. The rain caused some technical difficulties, and the concert was late to start, but there was so much wonderful beer to drink, no one seemed to mind. The rain mostly stopped by the time the concert got under way, and everyone had so much fun. The concert was wonderful, of course, but what really made it fantastic was the audience. It was relaxed, and people danced, made friends, sang along and enjoyed themselves. As you may know, Cooperstown is a little off the beaten path, and the concert was on a weeknight, so only the true fans who didn't mind a late night and a long drive home were there. It was absolutely one of the best concerts I've ever seen.
Lyle Lovett!

Reading moods
I didn't get quite as much reading done this week as I had hoped. Perhaps as a result of reading deliberately and reading better books, I find I most enjoy my reading in large doses. I used to be a reader who grabbed five minutes of reading when I could, but lately I've found short periods of reading unsatisfying. This week, I've been testing out my theory and only sitting down to read when I have at least thirty minutes to devote to it. I've certainly enjoyed my reading time more, even though it led to reading fewer pages this week. I've also been reading more than one book at a time. I'm not sure if I'll always do this, but having two (or three) different type of books going at the same time has ensured I always have something I'm in the mood for to read. Do you like to read any chance you get or only when you have a block of time to devote to it?


  1. If I didn't read any chance I got, I'm afraid I'd get stunningly little reading done. That said, I do much prefer when I have a bigger chunk of time to dedicate to whatever I'm reading. I definitely do get more enjoyment out of most books when I can get lost in them for a while than when I'm just squeezing in 15 minutes here or there.

  2. I prefer to devote at least an uninterrupted 30 minutes to reading. I hate reading at an appointment, only to get to something good, and have them call my name. I'll usually browse magazines at the doctors or check email.

  3. I read any chance I get. Five minutes or five hours or five days. It makes me no difference.

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! As for your question - I try to read as often as I can or else I wouldn't have very much time with my schedule lately :)

  5. I usually don't pick up a novel if I don't have at least 30 minutes to devote to it. Non-fiction is easier for me to pick up and put down, but with a novel I lose the flow of the plot if I read in five or ten-minute chunks. That's why I have trouble with the question, "Are you a slow or fast reader?" I read quickly when I have the book in my hand, but several days may pass between reading sessions so it takes me a while to finish a book.

  6. I just watched Beekman Boys for the first time this weekend - that town seems just charming! I put Bucolic Plague onto my TBR.

    I read in short increments (on bus/subway etc) but find longer periods more satisfying. I recently started listening to audiobooks for when I am in transit and reserving my reading time to the evening before bed when I can devote more time to it.

  7. I read any chance I get. I keep a book in the car for trains and long stop lights. I keep one in my purse for appointments....

    Once I was at a drive through looking through a book as I pulled up to the pick up window. I heard the woman working there whisper to her co-workers "She is driving and reading!!!"


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