Tuesday, August 10, 2010

tuesday salon: better late than never

This weekend was especially busy at work for me, and I did not manage to get my Sunday Salon post up, but there are still some things I want to share with you!

Booker reading progress:
The Long Song: A NovelRoom: A NovelIn a Strange RoomFebruary
I'm still really enjoying my Booker longlist reading, but I'm having a difficult time keeping up the pace required to finish by the announcement of the shortlist. I've managed to read four of the Booker longlist thus far (pictured above). I've been working more hours at both my job and my internship than I expected, and I decided to read The Siege, the precursor to Helen Dunmore's longlisted The Betrayal. I've read several glowing reviews of it lately, and it's now moved up my Booker TBR pile. I did read (and adore) Andrea Levy's The Long Song this week, and I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts on it with you later this week.

Reading goals this week:
My reading goals this week are to get through The Sopranos and The Siege, the two precursors to longlisted novels. I started The Sopranos last night, and I'm enjoying it thus far. It's a nice diversion from the seriousness of The Long Song. I'm also reading the new Anna Quindlen novel, Every Last One for a Crazy Book Tour. Based on my reactions to The Sopranos and The Siege, I'll decide if I want to read their sequels right away or divert myself with one of the other longlisted novels.
The Sopranos: A NovelThe Siege: A NovelEvery Last One: A Novel
A literary road trip:
Yesterday, I went to visit The Mount, Edith Wharton's home in Lenox, Massachusetts. I went with a few of my P.E.O. (a philanthropic educational organization I belong to) sisters, and we had a wonderful time. I'll have a full post on our adventure (with pictures) up soon!

Reading roots:
Today, I'm featured at Reading Through Life as part of Carina's fantastic Reading Roots series. Check it out to learn about how I became the reader I am today!

Happy reading!


  1. Congratulations on your Booker reading so far. You're doing well, although I'm a bit worried you might be reading all the best books first - I hope you enjoy the ones you have left just as much. Good luck!

  2. You're doing great! I'm pretty behind - I have to return The Long Song to the library today and I'm about half way through it...I will have to try to borrow it again when I return from my trip (I really like it).
    I'll be starting The Siege tomorrow...

  3. @farmlanebooks I hope I'm not reading all the best first! I'm holding off on the Mitchell a bit with that in mind. With two sequels on the longlist, I wanted to read there predecessors early enough that I could space them out. I do doubt anything can top Room for me at this point though!

    @mynovelreviews I'm glad we'll be reading The Siege together. I'll be eager to hear your thoughts!

  4. Glad to see you "Salonning" on Sunday or not. I'm quite envious of your reading. I just posted today that my own reading has come to a screeching hault because of work and home life. I'm itching to carve out time to read.

  5. I'm impressed with your Booker reading! I think I've already read the best book, Room, (and I'm joking. I think...) but the others sound good too. The Long Song especially sounds wonderful, I'm glad to read you adored it. I can't wait for your review!

  6. @Andi - I posted more thoughts on your blog, but I hope and trust you'll find a way to carve out reading time soon!

    @Heather - So far, you're right - Room is the best one (in my opinion!) The Long Song is definitely worth reading, and I'm looking forward to reading Levy's backlist too!

  7. I don't think 4 books from the longlist is falling behind--that sounds good to me!

  8. Great list of books read, you are doing pretty good with the list I would say! Also, loved your answers over on Carina's Reading Roots.

  9. You are really doing well with the Booker reads. I plan to start Room next week. Did read/enjoy The Long Song.

  10. Thank you so much for the interview! :-)

  11. @Lola Thanks for helping to put it into perspective. It is good, but it's falling short of my plans, which doesn't make it a failure.

    @Amy Thanks! It was really fun to do Reading Roots and think about how I became the reader I am today.

    @Diane I hope you love Room as much as I did!

    @Carina Thanks for the opportunity! I had so much fun thinking about my reading roots.


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