Saturday, September 11, 2010


Good morning! If you're reading this by visiting my blog, you'll notice things look quite a bit different here. I'm still playing around with the new layout, but if you have thoughts (good and bad), I'd love to hear them.

Why the change? Aside from the beautiful background photograph I wanted to incorporate, I desperately wanted to add the new "share widget". Now you'll notice five lovely icons at the bottom of each post (to the right of where you click to add a comment.) You can now share my posts via Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Google Buzz and Gmail.

The look isn't the only new thing around here either. When I first started this blog, I spent at least as much time (and often more time) talking about tv than books. Now that I'm reading literary fiction almost exclusively, I also find myself using television to unwind more and more, and I wanted to start blogging about tv again. After much debate about whether or not to used nomadreader for tv posts too, I decided to start nomadreader on tv: a new blog for my television posts. Here, I aim to never post more than once a day, and the shelf life of television is so different, I'll have the freedom to most as irregularly as I want there. From time to time I'll post links here, but for the most part, I'll keep the two blogs as separate, as I imagine those who love their literature high-brow may not like their television as low-brow as some of mine is.

First up at nomadreader on tv: Hellcats. The CW takes on cheerleading with a couple of Disney favorites.


  1. You background picture is fabulous---great job!

  2. I just love the new look! I am also going to have to check out the new blog as well, it sounds fun!

  3. I LOVE your background photo! It really is awesome, plus it also reflects - global reading in a way. :)

  4. I love it! Beautiful layout choice.

  5. I forgot to mention I enjoyed your review of C. It is on my list, but I'm not sure if I'll love it as much a you -- certainly different.


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