Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BBAW: Interviewing Amy

Happy Book Blogger Appreciation Week! This year's theme is Cultivating a Community of Bloggers and Readers. Each day, I'll be posting about the suggested topic for the day. Today's topic is blogger interviews.

This year, I have the honor and privilege of interviewing Amy from My Friend Amy who founded Book Blogger Appreciation Week! 

What is your most treasured literary memory?
What an impossible question! I actually think the complete experience of book blogging is my most treasured memory (I know I'm a cheat) because making friends around books, being exposed to new authors and books, and also new ways of looking and thinking about books has been very rewarding.

We're both big fans of books and tv. How does your all-time favorite book stack up against your all-time favorite tv series.
Hmm. My all time favorites are difference from each other. Silence, my favorite book, is very serious and sobering, but it made me think about faith and suffering a lot differently. Lost, my favorite TV show is very epic-ish, big in concept, but still it was the characterization that made the show. They both grapple with big important themes in life and I think that's why I love them both.

Of all the book blogger events you've created or had a hand in organizing, which are you most proud of?
Book Blogger Appreciation Week, itself. It's been a lot of fun every year, and a huge learning experience for me as both a blogger and a person. But people seem to really enjoy it, and to be able to create something people enjoy has to be one of the best feelings there is.

You have one wish for television and one wish for literature. What do you wish for?
TV: I'd love to see a show that had characters of faith that were realistically depicted. If faith or religion makes it on TV, it's often very cliche and a huge point to the character instead of simply being part of who they are. 
Literature: I'd love to see women's fiction taken seriously and celebrated for what is is. I'd love to eradicate elitism forever!

I promise to read one book you choose for me by the end of 2011. What will you make me read? Why did you choose it for me?
You Are My Only by Beth Kephart. Because it's a stunningly beautiful book that doesn't shy away from either the harsh reality of life and love or the hope that can be found. It deserves a wide audience.

Thanks to Amy for being such an honest interviewee! I'll follow through on my promise to read her pick for me in the coming months. She had a few questions for me too, and I answered them on her blog.

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  1. Ooooh . . . I love that you promised to read a book she suggested. Great idea!

  2. Love the answers, and brave of you to read any book she suggested :)

  3. Amy is an amazing person, and I think she has really done so much for the book blogging community. I marvel at her, and hold her in very high esteem. Great interview today!

  4. aww, great interview! I <3 amy.

  5. Wonderful interview. I'm so grateful to Amy for creating BBAW and opening my eyes to so many new blogs.

  6. I love that last question... Promising to read the book puts the pressure on her to really pick a good book lol! I haven't read any Beth Kephart so I'll look forward to what you think!

  7. Great Q&A, Carrie and wonderful answers from Amy. :)

  8. What a great interview, Carrie. And Amy, I loved reading your answers! I especially thought the book/movie questions were interesting. And I'm glad you are proud of BBAW, Amy, because it is an amazing event and you have so much to be proud of with it!

  9. Gold star to you for promising to read any book she chooses! That's fantastic :)

  10. Amy is one of my CA book blogging buddies but it was great to get to know her better via this interview!

  11. OH I'm excited you're going to actually read the book! woo-hoo!

    Thanks for the great questions, Carrie!


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