Wednesday, April 3, 2013

interview: Wendy Wax

After reading and enjoying Wendy Wax's latest novel When We Were Watching Downton Abbey (my review), I jumped at the chance to interview her. 

Who is your favorite Downton Abbey character?

It has changed over the seasons. Alas, some of my favorites are now no longer breathing, but I have a very soft spot for Mrs. Hughes, who has a great deal of warmth and common sense and survived her cancer scare. Now that Edith is becoming empowered, I am finding myself completely on her ‘team.’ Go, Lady Edith!

I adore Edith too. Other than Downton Abbey, what else do you enjoy to watch on television?

I’m an occasional Dancing With The Stars viewer, and I really enjoy Smash and Nashville. I also turn to old favorites like House Hunters, Property Brothers, and Income Property on HGTV as well as American Pickers and Pawn Stars on the History Channel – I can, and have, watched Mike and Frank in back to back episodes, but am very glad to see Danielle playing a bigger role! Speaking of the History Channel, sometimes I can’t help watching Swamp People and am really grateful for the subtitles! : )

Now that is an eclectic list! My husband and I are in the process of buying a house and have really gotten into HGTV shows, especially Property Brothers, lately. To switch from television to books, what's the best book you've read lately?

Hmm… that’s really rough. Happily, I’ve read a lot of really good books lately. I recently had a chance to read advance copies of Claire Cook’s Time Flies (out in June 2013), Susan Crandall’s Whistling Past the Graveyard (out in July 2013), Karen White’s The Time Between (also out in June 2013), and Erika Marks’ The Guest House (also out in June 2013). I highly recommend all four.

Those all look fabulous. I'm adding all four to my summer reading stack!  As I read While We Were Watching Downton Abbey, I kept picturing Edward as Downton Abbey's Carson, even though your descriptions of him weren't anything like Carson. Did any of the characters in the novel stem from Downton characters? 

Yes, Edward Parker, the British concierge of the historic Atlanta high rise where WWWWDA takes place and who brings everyone together for weekly Downton Abbey screenings, was definitely inspired by Downton’s butler Carson though he’s thoroughly modern and has George Clooney’s looks.

Samantha Jackson Davis, who has married old Atlanta money to protect her younger siblings, faces the same kinds of responsibility to her family that Lady Mary does. I’m sure Downton Abbey fans will notice other similarities and inspirations, but While We Were Watching Downton Abbey is a contemporary novel. You don’t have to have seen a single episode of Downton Abbey to enjoy it.

Lastly, a wild card: what do you wish I had asked you?
How about, ‘Did you intend to write what may be the first novel about fans of a television series?’

And the answer would be, no, not exactly but I’m really glad I did! : )

I'm glad you did too, Wendy! I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with your characters and am glad to have discovered your books through our shared love of Downton Abbey.

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  1. Lovely interview (I love your wild card question!).

    I'm ashamed to say I've never seen any Downton Abbey!

  2. I can't wait to read this one! I need to keep up with my Downton Abbey, so nothing is spoiled for me, but that can be done on a long Saturday, and then it's off to read the book!!


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