Saturday, January 24, 2015 20 Days!

Last February, I found myself home alone on a Friday night, pregnant, and wishing for a crime drama to watch. (Now I realize that sounds a lot like my current Friday nights, except instead of being pregnant, I'm home alone with a sleeping baby. Ah, the life of a restaurant manager's spouse!) I decided to watch the pilot for "Bosch," based on Michael Connelly's series, as part of Amazon's pilot season. I liked it, and so after I finished, I picked up my Kindle and started the first book in the series, The Black Echo, which I purchased four years earlier. I was hooked (my review), and I proceeded to read all twenty-seven of Michael Connelly's novels in 2014 (nineteen of them feature Bosch). I'm been impatiently waiting for season one of "Bosch" to premiere, and this week, we (finally) found out when it will: February 13, 2015. That day also happens to be the day Hawthorne turns six months old, but I didn't plan to take the day off work for that occasion. I am, however, taking the day off work to watch all ten episodes of "Bosch." I'll snuggle my baby and take pictures in between episodes, I promise.
Doesn't it look fantastic? In the meantime, feel free to follow my lead and pick up The Black Echo from Amazon (Kindle edition.)

Now tell me: are you excited for "Bosch"?

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  1. It does look good. I've been hearing good things about Michaels Connelly's books for years, but kept thinking they wouldn't be to my taste. Maybe I need to try THE BLACK ECHO and see for myself. :-)

  2. I thought of you when I saw that this was being made! I love that you are taking the day off to watch - enjoy!


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