Saturday, January 17, 2015

Five months? Meh.

This week, the nomadbaby turned five months old. For the first time, I found myself feeling relatively unmoved about a monthly milestone. Five months feels like a rest stop on the way to six months, a milestone I cannot believe is less than a month away and am ridiculously excited for. So I am a few days late with five month pictures because it fell on a Tuesday, and I have not mustered the energy to care much about placing a special sticker on a plain outfit because I have a terrible cold, and I am managing to take adorable pictures of him without it.

He is still a wonderful baby, but he is so much more of a wiggling, determined, capable little person. If you let him hold your finger, he will find a way to put it in his mouth. If it's within his reach and he is at all interested, he will grab it (and put it in his mouth.) If you laugh, he will laugh with you. No one laughs alone with Hawthorne. I can't quite tell if he thinks he's saying or doing something that is the reason someone is laughing or not, but either way, it is ADORABLE. And endearing. And we have clearly established trust, as he stops crying when he sees you walk in the room (when he's been sleeping) or when he sees you preparing a bottle, or when you pick him up. That's so much nicer than the early weeks and months when the wailing did not stop until the bottle was actually in his mouth.

Thankfully, he's retained some of his abilities from those early weeks, most notably, the ability to sleep in restaurants, if only during the day.

Happy five months, Hawthorne! We'll make a bigger deal out of six months, I promise.


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