Monday, November 16, 2015

book review: All Dressed in White by Alafair Burke and Mary Higgins Clark

The backstory: All Dressed in White is the second in the Under Suspicion series, following The Cinderella Murder. The series follows Under Suspicion, a television news special focused on unsolved cold cases.

The basics: The cold case at the center of All Dressed in White follows the disappearance of Amanda White on the night before her wedding day. Did she run away or did something terrible happen? Laurie and her crew reunite the entire wedding party, plus Amanda's now divorced parents, at the same hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.

My thoughts: While I loved the concept of The Cinderella Murder and enjoyed reading it, I was disappointed with the resolution but curious to read the next book. I both enjoyed the reading experience of All Dressed in White more, but it's also a better mystery. There's a cozy element to this book, in that I never felt like anyone was in danger, even knowing that a killer might be among the group. Still, the mystery in this book is what makes it such a great read. The possibility of Amanda walking away leaves a certain hope alive, for some of her friends and family as well as the reader. As more details are revealed, Clark and Burke manage to keep the tension of both possible outcomes not only possible but likely.

The verdict: Although the resolution itself was somewhat unsatisfying, as there was no big shocking moment (which I like in a mystery), this book was a delightful page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed the wide cast of characters, the exploration of Amanda, a fascinating character, and the setting. If you're looking for a fun, escapist read, All Dressed in White is a great choice. If you don't mind the events of the previous book (and its precursor, I've Got You Under My Skin), being spoiled, you can jump right in with this book and enjoy it.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Length: 288 pages
Publication date: November 17, 2015
Source: publisher

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