Sunday, November 1, 2015

Introducing: My Reading Hall of Fame

For many years, I've thought of my 6-star reads as my Hall of Fame. Those are the books that are so good and that I love so much, I break my own rating scale and give them the off-the-charts rating of 6 stars. After finishing Lauren Groff's divine Fates and Furies, I realized there are quite a few authors whose work I have loved enough to rate more than one of their books 5-star reads, and that's perhaps more valuable to me than a single 6-star read. For years, I've loved following an author's career and reading entire backlists. So, I decided to keep track of these authors, who have written more than one book I've rated 5 stars (or 6 stars.) I'll copy this post and update it as needed on my new Hall of Fame tab, which also includes my 6-star reads.

Authors' names link to all blog posts about the author, including all book reviews. Titles link to my review of that title.

(in alphabetical order)

1. Burke, Alafair
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  1. This is fun! I read Stiltsville several years back and enjoyed it very much. I've not read her next book, but your 'hall of fame' title makes me want to. You also have to read the 3rd in the Peter May trilogy - The Chessmen. It's good.

  2. I enjoyed very much many books that you recommended on this blog. Thus, I'm thinking that in 2016 I should read only the books that you and a few other bloggers that seem to have similar taste to mine recommend. That way I will have "a year of great books".


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