Monday, January 1, 2018

My Favorite Reads of 2017: Comics

Today I begin a series sharing my favorites reads of 2017 with you. It's especially fun (for me) this year because I've reviewed so few of them here, and while I don't always want to write a review, I do love to write (and talk) about the books I love! I'm starting with comics, then tomorrow I'll share nonfiction. On Wednesday, I'll share my mystery picks, and on Thursday, I'll share my fiction picks, which are almost always my favorite.

Favorite Comics series

Paper Girls is one of the many books I picked up this year because of Litsy. The story begins with four suburban teenage girls who deliver newspapers in the 1980s. The first volume does a lot of world and character-building, and I really enjoyed it (4.5 stars). The second volume, however, changes the game immensely. It was a 5-star read, and as I read it, I kept urging Mr. Nomadreader to start this series. He did, and he's a big fan too. The third volume was so good, I immediately checked when volume four would be published. It isn't out until April, so I began buying the single issues as soon as they're published. The second volume is one of the best things I read this year, and this series is one I want to keep reading and re-reading.

Favorite standalone comic

I didn't read nearly as may graphic novels or graphic memoirs this year, but Kristen Radtke's debut memoir was one I kept hearing about. As it kept showing up in many My Year in Reading posts at The Millions, I made time for it in December, and I'm so glad I did. As the parent of a very talkative three-year-old, I rarely get to sit and read an entire book in one sitting anymore, but when I sit down with a graphic memoir, I sometimes can, and I'm so glad I was able to experience this book in a single sitting. I would gladly hang several pages of this memoir on my wall. What makes it so good are its combination of gorgeous, stunning black, white, and grey art and Radtke's beautiful writing (she graduated from the Iowa Writer's Workshop.)

Other Comics I spent time with this year
I continue to read Ms. Marvel and Goldie Vance. Both had one disappointing volume this year, but the time I spend with each is short, and I like to read books in a series. Roz Chast's love letter to New York: Going Into Town, was delightful, even if I'm not sure who the audience is.

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