Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Salon: Hello (again) from Thailand!

The Sunday
Good morning (again) from Thailand! It's my last morning waking up in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This afternoon, we fly to Krabi, where we relax at the beach for a few days before beginning the long, long journey home. Two of this week's highlights were our visit to the Elephant Nature Park and the night we spent in a rural village with beautiful mountain views:

This trip has been wonderful but challenging in many ways. I try to focus on the positive, and one of the things I've most enjoyed is how well I've integrated my reading and blogging into this trip. It's helped me stay connected to reality, as life in Thailand sometimes feels like I'm temporarily living in a different world. I'm thrilled that I've managed to still post each day this year. Considering I only managed 45 blog posts all of 2017, I think I've finally found my rhythm again, and it feels really good.

If you only read one thing I wrote last week...
Read my letter to Caroline Preston, an author I've been reading for twenty years. Her latest book, The War Bride's Scrapbook is such a fun and unique read.

...but if you want to read everything...
I wrote letters to Steven Hartley, narrator of Rachel Joyce's new novel, The Music ShopBarry Eisler, author of A Clearn Kill in Tokyo; Jenji Kohan, about the fifth season of Orange is the New Black and Ariel Levy, author and narrator of The Rules Do Not Apply.

I also introduced a new series highlighting upcoming releases I'm most excited about. The first installment highlighted two February 2018 releases by authors whose earlier work I've loved.

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