Saturday, October 3, 2009

audio book review: mommywood by tori spelling

Facing an eight-hour drive alone for a wedding this summer, I immediately picked Mommywood on audio book (read by Tori Spelling). I admit it, I'm a Tori fan. I grew up watching 90210, and I looked up to her as a somewhat normal girl (I was a kid, remember). So NoTorious is one of the funniest shows ever made (seriously, I didn't believe until I watched it; even nomadreaderboy likes it.) I loved reading sTori Telling to get her perspective on her life, and I even read Candy's delightful and bizarre memoir, Stories from Candyland. Yes, I watched Tori and Dean: Inn Love and still watch Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. I am the target audience for this book. I find Tori delightful and fascinating.

It was a great book to listen to on audio. I often have a hard time getting into audio books, so it helped to have a familiar voice and some familiar stories (from the tv show) to lure me in. Tori is refreshingly honest, and despite being on a reality show, it's amazing how little you know of her thoughts on events. Sure, I knew their lives were squished down and edited into neatly-sized episodes, but it's different to hear the emotions only from her, without Dean's reaction shot or the scene ending. There were times I was glad I had seen the show because it gave me a different perspective, but there were also a few moments the storytelling lagged because I knew how it ended.

I can't speak to the mommy part of the title, but I imagine mothers who aren't fans of Tori would still enjoy this book. She certainly has a unique parenting experience, but it's always surprising and interesting what parts of Tori's life seem normal and what parts seem unreal. I actually enjoyed Mommywood more than sTori Telling. They're different books, even though they're both memoirs. Mommywood deals with motherhood and childhood and how it changed Tori. Her kids are young, and her emotions and situations are fresher.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5) - loved it

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