Sunday, October 25, 2009

Read-a-thon #2!

Although it's not an official Dewey's read-a-thon, Dreadlock Girl Reads is throwing another read-a-thon for those who couldn't participate yesterday and those of us who can't get enough. I'm in favor of having read-a-thons four times a year rather than two, so I'm thrilled to join this one too!

It comes at the perfect time for me: two days after my last final, and what better way to embrace the holiday season and my break from classes than doing one of my favorite things: reading. I have plenty of books left over from yesterday, and now I know what strategy works for me.

Will you join us for the December 5th read-a-thon?


  1. Oh! I'm going to put that in my calendar :) It's a national holiday in Holland about gift giving (Sinterklaas, Santa Clause was named after him!) but since we don't have any kids... ;)

  2. YAY!! It will be nice to be done with finals and to crack open some great reads :) So happy to have you join us for the read-a-thon!

  3. Hi! I landed on your blog because we both signed up for Dreadlockgirl's readathon in the coming weekend! I am curious who else is participating thats why I'm doing a little blog tour this week ;-).

    How convenient it comes at a perfect time after your finals. And I so agree, I will be done with my classes as well and am so looking forward to the holiday season and couldn't think of a better way!
    So have fun :-))

  4. Happy Reading today! I'm leaving your blog open on my computer so I can come back and check on ya :) Hope you have some fun stuff to read today! Cheeeeerrrr!!


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