Friday, October 9, 2009

illustrated novel review: the adventuress by audrey niffenegger

If there is a more perfect book to read after The Lost Symbol, I don't know it. The Adventuress is sparse and brilliantly complex; The Lost Symbol is verbose and simple.

The plot of The Adventuress is difficult to describe without telling the story myself. I like this succinct description from my library's catalog: "The Adventuress follows the dreamlike journey of an alchemist's daughter." If you've read Niffenegger, you know how she plays with fantasy and reality in a magical way; The Adventuress is no different. Like The Three Incestuous Sisters, it's a unique format. It's most like a picture book for grown-ups. The artwork is mesmerizing, and there are several panels I would gladly use to decorate my walls.

When I finished it (far too quickly), my first thoughts were simply, "wow." It's a quirky, smart, hauntingly beautiful story told with the a sparse use of words and mesmerizing and beautiful art.

Rating: 5 stars (loved it - highly recommended)

Source of book: I checked this book out from the library.

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