Sunday, November 8, 2009

reading challenge: Christy Awards!

Yes, I swore off challenges because I don't like feeling pressured about what I read, but I have decided to sign up for The Christy Awards Challenge. The Christy Awards are a Christian book award that started in 2000. I've had the desire to start reading Christian fiction, but I wasn't quite sure where to start. I know there is good Christian fiction out there, but I'm sure there's some that would not work for me (as there is with almost any genre). The Christy Awards feature nine categories. To get a broad sampling of what kinds of Christian fiction are out there, I'm joining the challenge at Tier 4, where you mix and match winners. My challenge will be to read 7-9 winning books from any year. I plan to mostly read books from 2009, but I'm somewhat limited by what books my library has. If the library doesn't have the book, or if it really doesn't appeal to me, I'll try to find a book from another year in the same category.

The challenge started November 1, but it continues through December 1, 2010. With eight levels of participation to choose from, everyone can experience a little Christian fiction. There is also a perpetual challenge to read all nominated and winning books ever (and continuing with your lifetime) for the truly dedicated.

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  1. I'm doing this challenge the same way you are. Depending on what is available at my library, I'll start with the winners of 2009 and work my way back until I've read 7 - 9 total. Good luck with the challenge!


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