Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Salon: the home stretch?

The Sunday Salon.comGood morning! We're expecting a day of storms, so I've traded in hammock-lounging for porch couch lounging today. Plus, I have a ton of things I'd like to do around the house before celebrating Mother's Day with my mom, grandmother, and aunt tonight.

It was a week of milestones: Friday marked three months until the nomadbaby's due date, and I hit 27 weeks yesterday, which means I've officially entered the third trimester. I feel like I'm in the home stretch now. Unlike most people, I keep feeling better the longer I'm pregnant. I struggled with pre-partum depression the first two trimesters, but I've been feeling more and more like myself in the past few weeks. I think I've finally reached an equilibrium, where August 9th seems close enough that my impatience is waning (I accept that there will be a baby...and relatively soon), which allows me to be both excited for the nomadbaby to arrive and excited to enjoy these last weeks as a family of two. Granted, summer is the season I'm usually most miserable because I hate the heat, so I particularly dread it this year, but the closer we get to August 9th, the more excited I am. It's nice to have something to look forward to during my last favorite season. And the weather has been lovely so far this spring. I'm really enjoying having the windows open, lounging in the hammock, and being outside relaxing.

Reading & Listening
With my prepartum depression fog finally lifting, I'm reading more than ever. April was a banner month: I read fourteen books. I've already finished five this month, which is fabulous. There are so many new releases I'm excited about in the coming months, and I've been neglecting my Bailey's Prize reading in favor of the new ones, but when I'm reading this much and enjoying it, my specific goals seem to fall away. I'm also (finally!) finding my audiobook groove again. There are tons of things we need to do, as well as many I want to do, around the house before the nomadbaby arrives. It was the perfect time to get back into audiobooks, particularly as I expect my reading to shift to more audio after her arrives. I'm currently loving The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud, and I find myself shocked I haven't made time to read any of her work before. It's divine.

I'm off to spend a little time with Lost Light by Michael Connelly before starting my chores. What are you up to today?

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  1. I'm glad you are feeling better. It's so weird to come home with the baby for the first time. On your way to the hospital, you will be thinking a lot about that moment. I remember leaving my home thinking how we left as two and how we'd return as three. The second time, I left the hospital, drove through to get a burger and then went to Target. No joke. LOL.

  2. So glad you're feeling good and reading like the wind!

  3. I'm glad to hear your third semester is the best for you up to now. I know how you feel about summer (I secretly hope for lots of rain over here).. Your thoughts about both the impatience to be with 3 and yet the knowledge that you want to enjoy being with the two of you for now.. I completely understand.


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