Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Salon: upcoming bookish events

The Sunday Salon.comI'm already up and enjoying this leisurely, holiday Sunday! Memorial Day weekend is my favorite three-day weekend all year, mostly because I work in academia and welcome the first post-academic year reprieve with open arms. It's also the only three-day weekend--with the sometimes exception of July 4th when it falls on a weekend--not during the academic year, which means I can just relax and read, read, read. As I wait for the cinnamon coffee cake in the oven to finish baking, I'm gearing up for two exciting bookish events coming up: Armchair BEA and the World Cup of Literature.

I haven't been to a BEA in person for years, but I always enjoy the opportunity to participate in Armchair BEA, which starts tomorrow. There are daily prompts, giveaways, an Instagram challenge, Twitter parties, and so many fun ways to connect. I'll be participating in some of the prompts, but I'll also be posting reviews this week because I've been reading like a woman who soon won't be able to. In all seriousness, I have no idea what the early nomadbaby days will hold, and I am relishing this plethora of leisurely reading time by spending almost all of my time reading (or listening to audio books when chores demand my time and attention.) It's glorious.

In celebration of the upcoming World Cup (soccer), Three Percent is hosting the first World Cup of Literature. The competition will pit one book (published from 2000-present) from each country participating in the actual World Cup against each other. Instead of the round robin style of the World Cup, they're taking the model of the Tournament of Books, one of my favorite bookish events all year. Currently, they're seeking recommendations for which books to include in the World Cup of Literature. They're also looking for a few more judges. On June 10th, they'll post all the nominations.

I'm off to enjoy my coffee cake (at least I hope it tastes as good as it smells!) and my spend the rest of my morning and afternoon reading. I hope your day is as relaxing as mine, wherever you may be. Happy reading!

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  1. Fun! I wasn't aware of The World Cup of Literature but it sounds great. I'll be ArmchairBEAing! Woot!

  2. Hmmm, you've got me reconsidering my non-participation in Armchair BEA. I knew it was happening, and I've participated before, but I didn't think I'd have time for it this week. Now, it's occurring to me that I have off both Monday and Friday, so maybe I can make time after all. Thanks for helping me remember! LOL. The weather is so nice and with the not working tomorrow thing, I'm definitely enjoying some rest and relaxation this weekend, too. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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