Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quickly: Elisa Albert and G. Willow Wilson on NPR

My NPR Books podcast subscription continues to delight. I've picked up new titles because of it, but this week, I've felt ahead of the time as they interviewed two authors whose books I read this month: Elisa Albert and G. Willow Wilson. Last week I raved about After Birth by Elisa Albert, and I've been enjoying how much press the book is getting. Yesterday, Elisa Albert was on All Things Considered, and it's a really great interview.

G. Willow Wilson was also on NPR talking about the new all-female Marvel Universe. Although I'm not traditionally a superhero comic book fan, I recently read Ms. Marvel, which G. Willow wrote (review coming soon!) She's one of the keynote speakers at the ACRL conference next month, and I'm even more excited to see her after this interview. Give it a listen too.

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