Monday, March 2, 2015

Welcome to the Mockalong!

Welcome to the Mockalong! This month I'm correcting a literary embarrassment: I'm finally reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Whether you're read it before or not, you're welcome to join me. All you have to do is read To Kill a Mockingbird sometime in March. Every Monday, I'll be posting here, and you're welcome to join the discussion in the comments here, post to your blog, and chatting on Twitter using the #Mockalong hashtag.

This isn't a formal read-a-long. We're all reading or listening at our own pace. Grab a copy at the library, buy it for Kindle (only $3.99!), or listen to it on audio (I hear the Sissy Spacek narration is amazing.) For those who want to break it up into pieces, there are 31 chapters. You could read a chapter a day in March. I'll likely read it all at once. I'm also planning to watch the film, so if others are interested, I'm happy to arrange a virtual viewing party.

To get us started: why and how are you reading this book? Maybe you've already read it and love it and want to read with others. Maybe you've never read it and decided to because of the forthcoming sequel.

Why and how I'm finally reading To Kill a Mockingbird
As I said in my announcement post, I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird because I never have. I've always been curious about it, as it's so ubiquitous in literary and popular culture. It won the Pulitzer Prize. The film adaptation won three Academy Awards. I know its basic storyline and characters, but I never had a sense of urgency to read it until now. One of the reasons I haven't read it is that it's so beloved, I worry it won't possibly stack up, and I will be that reader who dislikes such a universally loved book. And the premise of Go Set a Watchman intrigues me, so it's given me a sense of urgency. I'm looking forward to finally having an informed opinion about this modern classic. I'll be reading on my fabulous new Kindle Fire 6.

Happy reading! Until next Monday, I'll be chatting about my reading on Twitter. (No spoilers in the comments this week, please!)

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  1. I'm still thinking about it. I read it years ago - really a lot of years ago. I'll likely listen to it, but will keep in touch if I'm able to join. Good luck!!


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