Wednesday, May 16, 2007

acm awards

I absolutely enjoyed last night's Academy of Country Music Awards. I have a love for country music that I cannot explain, but I do believe the new crop of stars are improving modern country music. Although the new crop are still ridiculously attractive, most of them are writing their own songs. I often disagree with politics of country music, but I do enjoy the camaraderie of the genre. When someone accepts an award, he or she usually goes to shake hands or hugs the other nominees on the way to the stage. The awards shows are quite meaningless, but they're a fun outlet for the stars to perform and all be together in one room.

The performances were especially strong last night. It did strike me, however, that although country singer-songwriters are emerging, the genre still lacks any back-up musician who is female. If they're out there, I want to see them. Perhaps it's not just country music, but I have far less experience with other genres. I'm sure there are talented women out there who will play guitar for a living. If not, let's start a reality tv show for a back-up female guitarist!

My favorite moment of the night was when Carrie Underwood won her first award of the evening, she stood up, hugged Tony Romo and handed him her purse to hold while she went on stage. When she won the second award, she took her clutch on stage with her. Ah, country music.

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