Thursday, May 3, 2007

the one where brittany loses it

Wow. Brittany has gone from front runner to laughing stock in only a few weeks. In the beginning of the episode, I thought the editors had turned on her. By the end I realized she just went crazy. The editors did a brilliant job of cutting the tirade scene to show that it was, in fact, Brittany's fault, and I thank them for not making me rewind to find out. The reaction shots of the inside of the room as they listened to her yell and curse were priceless. Naturally, Natasha takes the line of the episode crown again, with her calm, soothing wisdom she dispensed to Brittany, "I just want to tell you that some people have war in their countries." Suddenly, Jael's absence can hardly be felt.

The other highlights, courtesy of the surprisingly more and more endearing Jaslene:
"My strategy is to be cool, calm and collective."

"Brittany, why you put up these excuses and make yourself look bad?"

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