Thursday, May 3, 2007

i heart inn love

I am in the midst of a spring love affair with Tori & Dean: Inn Love. Despite the fact that last night's episode was rather staged, it was immensely enjoyable because Dean and Tori are genuine, funny, incredibly in love people. Unfortunately, they often must deal with silly situations. Last night's episode alone featured:

1. The first two guests (two foreign-accented elderly ladies who took it upon themselves to explore and jump on beds) arrived two hours early when nothing was ready. Believability - initially high, but deteriorated considerably as their visit went on.

2. The next couple arrived with a two-year-old they didn't mention they were bringing. Believability - moderate. When Dean asked them if their son had any dietary restrictions, they said, "Well, we're vegetarians, and we don't eat wheat or dairy, but don't worry yourself over it." Believability - none. If you expect people to feed you, tell them you don't eat hardly anything. Seriously.

3. The gay couple showed up after they cancelled (they denied cancelling). Tori and Dean seemed genuinely shocked, and Tori says someone called her back to cancel. (Oh, meddling producers). In the morning, one of them walked around in his skimpy underwear, coming all the way into the kitchen to get coffee. Believability - none. People wear clothes in public in real life, unless they're pathetically posturing for the camera.

Despite the silliness, it was a fun episode, and baby Liam is almost here.

Best Tori quote of the episode: "I'm sleeping for two." Can I claim this as my morning excuse when I'm not pregnant?

Bonus points: Dean made a joke about Gunnar and Matthew Nelson!

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