Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Salon: BEA & BBC Countdown!

The last two months have kept me extremely busy.
  • School 

    • taking two graduate classes 
    • teaching my first undergraduate class
  • Work 

    • I started a new job waiting tables at one of my favorite restaurants two weeks ago, which will be wonderful now that school is done. Those extra hours have been brutal during this end of semester crunch.
 The good news: the semester is over! I am looking forward to relaxing, reading more and not being stressed all the time. I love this feeling of freedom, and I'm really looking forward to a fun summer!

Speaking of summer, can you believe Book Expo American and Book Blogger Con are only two weeks away? I've seen lots of posts over the past few weeks from bloggers interested in meeting up, and here is mine (in my finals haze, I don't remember where I saw it first or where all I've seen it, sorry!).

If you'd like to meet up that week, please fill out this form so we can exchange information. (I'm arriving Tuesday morning and leaving Saturday morning.) I plan to post my day-specific plans next weekend.

Otherwise, it's my last Sunday at the reference desk, and I'm looking forward to summer Sundays spent reading on the porch and relaxing. Happy summer break!

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  1. You must be breathing a lot easier now that classes/exams are over. I know I would be.

    I hope all of you have a lovely time in NYC in a few weeks.


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