Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Salon: Oscar Night!

Happy Sunday, everyone! It's Oscar night, a night I've been looking forward to for months. This year's crop of nominated films is pretty fantastic. I rated four of the ten Best Picture nominees five stars, and my favorite film of 2010, Blue Valentine, was sadly left out of the Best Picture race. The red carpet coverage starts at 2, but I plan to start watching a few hours later on DVR. I added an Oscars tab to track all my reviews for nominated films, and I've included my picks and predictions there. I'll update it with the winners and tabulate my score tonight or tomorrow. Mostly, I hope my predictions are wrong. I'm looking forward to not being in a pool and thus not having bragging rights at stake. I simply want the performances and films I enjoyed most to win. No one but Michelle Williams herself will be happier than I will be if she wins Best Actress tonight. I'll be sipping sparkling wine and cheering her on.

I'll also have my nose deep in Dipika Rai's debut novel Someone Else's Garden today, which has been an enjoyable but somewhat uneven read. I'll be reviewing it tomorrow. Also coming up on the blog this week:

I'll also have a movie review for you on Friday (probably either Biutiful or The Illusionist) and another book review on Saturday.

There are quite a few things I want to get read before the Orange Prize longlist is announced in two weeks, and once I finish Someone Else's Garden today, I'm letting myself have two weeks of free reading. I'll pick up whatever strikes my fancy before taking on all twenty titles on this year's longlist. The Sunday after next, I'll bring you my predictions for what will be on this year's longlist.

Now tell me, will you be watching the Oscars tonight? Who are you rooting for?

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  1. Yes, I'll be watching the Oscars as well. I'm rooting for The Fighter. I've posted a review of The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom on my SS post today. Please stop by and check it out. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. I can't wait for tonight's Oscars, just did a post about them on my blog. Tonight I'm all about Mr. Darcy, I mean Colin Firth, winning Best Actor.

    I'm also really rooting for Hailee Steinfeld to take Best Supporting Actress for her role in True Grit. Melissa Leo was good, but Hailee was fabulous.

    I haven't seen Blue Valentine, but it looks fantastic and hope to see it on DVD soon.

  3. I am not a big Oscar watcher, but a friend of mine is just over the moon that she will get to watch James Franco all evening long. I do want to see The King's Speech at some point though, and have to say that it would delight me if Colin Firth won best actor, just because I like him so much!

  4. I watch the Oscars every year but this year I didn't get to see many of the movies.

    Additionally, I wasn't pleased with the show itself. The hosts (groan) made it less than appealing for me this time around.

    I miss the hollywood glamour, the class... the tasteful yet artsy staging.

    What did you think of the show itself?

  5. I watched them... I thought they were fun (as always, pretty much) and liked the fact that I didn't have anxiety over what the host would say (a la Ricky Gervais). However, I thought Anne Hathaway was a bit over the top (aka fake -- but in an obvious way), though I can hardly blame her as she seemed to be doing most of the work. Where was Franco half the time???


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