Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Salon: Reading Habits

When I finished graduate school in December and started a full-time librarian job, I knew my reading habits would change. It was important to me to find a rhythm for my reading, but even I am surprised at how my reading habits have changed. The biggest change: I wake up early to read for an hour before getting ready. I've always been a sleeper, and I still am. I've never been a morning person, but I'm becoming one. Waking up to read is such a wonderful way to start my day. I look forward to the quiet time in the morning when I'm the only one awake. I sip my coffee and enter the world of the book I'm reading.

Amidst the busyness of working two jobs (my librarian job is only for this semester, so I kept my part-time serving job and wait tables Friday and Saturday night), some days the only time I read is during my morning hour. Most days, however, I can squeeze in about half an hour of reading on the bus and while riding the bus. On nights Mr. Nomadreader works, I usually opt to spend a few hours reading too.

Overall, starting my day reading brings a consistency to my reading I never had in graduate school, when each day brought a different schedule of balancing work, classes, and internships. With only a week left in February, I've already read 18 books this year. In 2010, I only managed to read 83. I don't like paying too much attention to the number of books I read, as quantity matters so much more to me, but I do still appreciate the feeling of accomplishment that comes with keeping track.

This week brought one freakishly warm (for February) day when we actually opened the windows for a few hours in the afternoon. It was just enough of a hint for me to start to yearn for spring, which means lots of time  lounging on the couch on our screened-in porch with a book. I find I always read more in the spring, and I'm curious to see if that trend continues as winter fades away.

What reading habits do you have? Do they change with the seasons too?

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  1. 18 books already!! That's wonderful -- altho I do appreciate what you mean abt not emphasizing quantity.

    I just moved and my work commute involves a longer train ride -- I was quite snitty abt it at first until I realized I get so much more reading done! It's been lovely that way -- and I've missed my stop many a time from being so engrossed in a book.

    I like your tip about reading before you start your day -- I think I'll try it. It sounds lovely -- quiet and a bit centering!

  2. I find myself reading late in the day rather than the mornings (mornings always seem a little hectic for me in the winter as I have to get the fire going, feed the animals, check email, sometimes do last minute paperwork before heading out the door to see patients)...but I like to sit down and read while dinner is in the oven, or just before I start dinner. The house is quiet and it feels like a nice way to end the day.

  3. Wow you're doing great this year! I had a reading slump so I'm behind. I used to love reading I. The mornings but with the new pup I haven't been able to do that much. Hopefully as gets older I will be able to get back to it. I usually read more in the evenings after he goes to bed. Have a great Sunday!

  4. I start my day the same way. I get up at 5:30 am, shower and then have coffee and my book -- love this quiet time. I don't have to heave for work until 7:45am.

    Your reading year, so far is going so great...congrats.

  5. You are doing great with your reading! I read on the subway in the morning but most of my reading is done at night. If I get up and start reading right away...I get sleepy :)

  6. I get most of my reading done during my commute, a bus ride and a short train ride, so all in all about 1-1.5 hours a day. I also read while I'm at the gym. I wish I could have the strength to turn the tv off more often at night and read instead, but sometimes that seems like too much effort :)

  7. I don't know if my habits change with the seasons, but I know my tastes do. When everyone else is looking at lighter reads for summer, I am usually tackling some chunkster. I just seem to have a bit more time to attack them then. Same thing can be said for Christmas break.

  8. I actually don't read as much as I'd like to because life sometimes gets in the way, but when I can get a few hours, I love to just delve in and get lost in the pages. I tend to read the most in the early afternoon and during the early evening. I am sort of hating that I have so many commitments on my time right now, as reading time seems to be becoming a precious commodity.

  9. I read on the treadmill in the morning...that is when I can drag myself out of bed in time. It sounds like you're much more disciplined than I am!

  10. That is a great way to start your day! It's how I end my day. It usually takes me awhile to get my mind to settle down enough for sleeping, so I tend to read for an hour or two before bed time.

  11. I read much more at the end of each day on weekdays. I weekends that is reversed - I read in the morning/early afternoon and not as much at night.

    Congrats on finishing 18 books so far this year!

  12. My husband has been leaving for work earlier and earlier lately, so I find myself getting in some reading time after he is gone: I am awake, but don't want to get out of bed yet, so it's a great time to read.
    I used to read much more at night than I do not sure why that has stopped, but the weekends are still the time I get the most reading in.
    Kudos on the 18 books so far...that's great!

  13. The only thing 8 can usually predict accurately is that I read a ton more when I travel. usually... Buttrying to use my ereader and not wanting to pack books, I messed up - The iPadis awful in sunshine so I am not getting any reading done at all, sad!

  14. And typing on the iPad is a trial, too.

  15. With a couple of jobs and a family at home, I've had to start giving more thought to when I read. I've become more of a morning person over time, and while I've never been one to read in the early mornings, I'm beginning to think I'll have to if I want to get past four books for this year!! Sadly. lol I'm too darned tired at night and way more likely to pass out than spend an hour reading.

  16. My reading habits have been constantly changing as the years go by. I used to stay up all night, read till daybreak sometimes. Growing older, it's harder to finish more than a few pages at night now. I've also come to cherish reading in the morning when my mind is much more fresh. It's the only way I can continue to read as much. :)

    Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad to have found out about your blog too. :)


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