Sunday, January 17, 2010

sunday salon: My Golden Globes Wishlist

Happy Golden Globes Day! I did not meet my overly ambitious goal of seeing all the films nominated for Golden Globe Awards before the ceremony. While I could have seen a few more in the theater, I would have had to travel to see some because they haven't opened in Albany. 

I did manage, however, to see all ten films nominated for Best Picture--5 Drama and 5 Musical or Comedy. Although a few have not yet been reviewed, the reviews should all post this week. I've had so much fun watching movies, and while it means I've read less, I've thoroughly enjoyed my deliberate movie watching the past few weeks. Although the Golden Globes are tonight, the Oscar nominees are announced February 2, and the ceremony is not until March 7. I hope to see all ten Best Picture nominees, as well as all of the films for the acting and directing nominees. 

Here are my predictions and my hopes for tonight's Golden Globes. As a forecaster, I tend to pick my hopes for the Golden Globes and my fears for the Oscars. These picks are probably optimistic, and they are definitely my personal preferences rather than predictions. 

Best Motion Picture -Drama:
I've seen all the movies, and all but Avatar deserve the nomination. 

my pick: Up in the Air (I really hope this film wins. It's one of my two favorites for the year. It is simply lovely.)

Best Performance by an Actress - Drama 
I've only seen two of these movies (An Education and Precious), but both of those nominees were wonderful. I'm pulling for Carey Mulligan because An Education was not nominated for nearly enough Golden Globe Awards, but truthfully, anyone but Sandra Bullock is fine with me.

my pick: Carey Mulligan for An Education
Best Performance by an Actor - Drama
I've only seen two of these movies as well (Invictus and Up in the Air). Although I didn't care for Invictus, Morgan Freeman was quite good, and playing a well-known figure is always difficult. I loved Up in the Air, and Clooney was fantastic. I will cheer for any actor who wins.

my pick: anyone
Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical
The nominees in this category make me question why there are five nominees. For me, it's a choice between It's Complicated and Nine, and I'd be happy with either. I think It's Complicated should win, but I doubt it will. This category is often hard to predict because it's difficult to judge comedies and musicals with the same criteria. I didn't particularly care for Julie and Julia, but I think much of my dislike of the film was because I adored the book so much and could not understand why Julie was frumpy in the film. 

my pick: It's Complicated
Best Actress - Comedy or Musical
I've seen all five films, and although I almost feel bad wishing for anyone but Sandra Bullock in two categories, it's true. I did not like The Proposal, nor did I find her performance extraordinary. I expect Meryl Streep to win for Julie and Julia because she played a famous person well. It would be deserved, but I'd love to see Marion Cotillard win because she made Nine for me, and I adore her. 

my pick: Marion Cotillard for Nine

Best Actor - Comedy or Musical
I've only seen two of these films (Nine and (500) Days of Summer), and I wouldn't award either a Golden Globe. Daniel Day-Lewis was good in Nine, but he didn't have that much to do as a lead actor. Personally, I'm pulling for Matt Damon for The Informant! because I like him, but this category is wide open, and I wouldn't be surprised to see anyone other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt honored.

my pick: Matt Damon for The Informant!
Best Supporting Actress
I haven't seen A Single Man, but I'm inclined to think Julianne Moore should take this award. I thought Mo'nique overacted with the exception of one scene, and I think her performance is overrated. I fear the wonderful Anna Kendrick and Vera Farmiga will split the Up in the Air vote. They are both deserving, but I can't pick between the two of them. Penelope Cruz was good, but she wasn't even the best supporting actress in the movie she's nominated for. 

my pick: Julianne Moore for A Single Man
Best Supporting Actor
I thought Matt Damon was quite good in Invictus, even if he didn't have enough to do. I've only seen two of these movies, but I wouldn't be surprised by anyone winning. They're all getting rave reviews. I hope to catch up in time for the Oscars.

my pick: Stanley Tucci for The Lovely Bones (because that's what all the experts say)
Will I yell at the television or cheer? I'm guessing a little of each, but I'm sure I'll be laughing. (I'm thrilled Ricky Gervais is hosting!) Either way, I'll have a recap tomorrow with my thoughts about the winners, losers and the ceremony itself.

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